Burcu Sulek talks about wearable sculptures as jewelry.

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Our darling designer Burcu Sulek brings you unique wearable sculptures. We are ever so proud of working with her for each piece she designs is an artwork one can wear.
We hope you enjoy her take on upcycled materials and turn them into one-of-a-kind contemporary jewelry pieces.

Hi Burcu, let's start with your story. Why did you become a designer?

I worked for global brands of consumer electronics as a Marketing Manager for over 13 years, right after graduating from Istanbul Technical University Management Engineering Department. Until when I had the unrestrainable urge to create something with my hands, so I quit everything and began making things, and eventually, they turned into unique wearable sculptures.


Art, roots, or the world around you. What is your inspiration?

It is always nature and the universe, my infinite muses. 

What are the difficulties of being a woman designer in the industry?

The difficulties are valid for every woman in any industry; we have to open our way, which is already ready for men, but this won't be able to hold us back! 


How do you think you contribute to the change in the world?

There is significant destruction against nature, and I try to emphasize it with my collections; my 'Magnolias of Istanbul' collection, for example, is a tribute to all the trees sacrificed to urbanization. I used real dead magnolia leaves as molds to get their form with Papier Maché. The papers I used while preparing the Papier Maché material are used/waste papers, so in a way, I have upcycled and contributed to an extended existence of the trees of our planet. I believe in that as a human; we should respect, love, and protect nature and should not forget that we are all ONE.

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