Perfect Gifts for Them

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Because not all things are black and white.

In fluid identities we believe!

This magical art print for all dreamers: It will give them a glimpse into what's above and below the water's surface, for a whimsical perspective that's sure to delight lovers and daydreamers alike.⁠

This artisanal salt with the perfect bowls to serve them with: The Sprinkle Star Gift Box consists of two porcelain dip bowls and Duxbury Saltworks Culinary Sea Salt, comes in a white box perfectly wrapped with a custom made ribbon. A handwritten note is included if you choose to send loving words, too!

Sprinkle Star Gift Box

This perpetual wall calendar: Because after what 2020 brought us, this is precisely what we need in our approach to time.

Perpetual Wall Calendar

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