Hali Ann Tooms talks about the lushness of nature.

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Our darling designer Hali-Ann Tooms brings you the lushness of nature in a minimalistic manner. We are ever so proud of working with her for she works with honest materials and turns plants into green eye-catchers in interiors.

We hope you enjoy her air planters that exhibit nature in interiors allowing the unique beauty of plants to reveal themselves.

We would like to meet Häli-Ann, what is your story?

My name is Häli-Ann, born in Estonia, Tallinn. I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark 12 years ago, first to study 2 years of landscape architecture, but then I got a job in an architecture office in Copenhagen and stayed here. I met a Danish guy, and we have two kids now — the classic story. Our everyday life is in Copenhagen, but every possible moment we take off to Estonia, also that the kids can learn Estonian culture and language. My bachelor was horticulture (plants and their growing conditions, to say short), and in my early career, I have also been working as a gardener. In the last ten years, I have been working in an architecture office where we worked a lot with urban planning, city squares, schoolyards, and rainwater management projects. It was exciting, and I loved what I was doing, but I was also missing the real touch of nature.

Around five years ago, I happened to read about air plants and got fascinated by their beauty and simplicity. I started thinking of possibilities to exhibit them in interiors in a way that their unique beauty could come out. About a year ago, I quit my daily job in the office and focused full time on my studio. I like to work with honest materials and turn plants into green eye-catchers in interiors. Recently I have also been working with plant installations where we use local natural field flowers, pick special ones that can keep their color and shape while drying. I like the lushness of nature and its unlimited ways to be expressed.


You are transforming plants into art, can you tell us about your inspirations, your creative process?

My biggest inspiration is nature itself. I like to take walks in forests and take some time off in the countryside. I visit art galleries frequently, I'm fascinated by the furniture design of 30 '-70's, especially lamps and chairs from the time. Living in Denmark has influenced my design universe to be more minimalistic, simple, and pure.

If you could design an object for the Planet Earth, what would it be?

If I could design an object, I would like to make a time machine. I think we all have moments in the past we would like to go back to and change, or conversations we would like to take. But I would make it in a way that everyone has one chance to go back, so one has to pick very carefully for what to use the time machine button on.

How do you think you contribute to the change in the world?

My contribution to changing a world is conscious consumption. I try to consume less and buy from small businesses and fair trade. I think it is also important to teach it to the kids and make them aware of it.

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