Ida's illustrations celebrate female power and independence.

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Our darling designer Ida Rorholm Davidsen brings you a feminine universe focusing on female power and independence. We are ever so proud of working with her for her colorful, down-to-earth illustrations celebrate femininity and female artisanship.

We hope you enjoy her pastel palettes that bring the multi-faceted female spirit to life.

Hi Ida, can we meet you? Where does your love for illustration come from?

I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I grew up in a very creative family, I have spent all my childhood drawing, and when I found out it was possible to live from it, I have never doubted what my profession should be. As a child, I was very inspired by the beautifully illustrated children's books my parents would read aloud for my sister and me before bedtime. I could keep looking at the pictures and imagine myself in different sceneries - something that I think has helped me develop creative imagination.


Do you have recurring characters in your stories?

I have motifs that I love to draw, and that often occur in my illustrations, although sometimes by coincidence. They are mostly female characters, and people always say they look like me. I think it is something many artists can relate to because we draw what it is familiar with. I also like to draw botanical elements, flowers and plants and sometimes animals and insects. 

How involved is your work with politics in the world? 

I don't see my general work being very political, and I am often quite subtle because I want people to use their imagination and not be too obvious about the story and significance behind it. I have made a few posters with political statements and titles, and my illustrations often arise from a feminine universe focusing on female power and independence.


As a women illustrator, what captivates you in the world? What makes you tick?

My work is not just a job, but a big part of who I am and how I express myself. I can't imagine my life without this interest in visual creativity. I enjoy nature and taking care of it on a smaller scale possible in daily life. I want to express how the natural world is divine, and that we have to appreciate and protect nature, plants, flowers, and animals, I therefore often draw people in symbiosis with nature. But in general, I draw what comes to my mind and what I feel is necessary at that given time, and that can be anything.

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