Johanna Magoria takes you to Wonderland.

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Our darling designer Johanna Magoria transfers you to a fantasy world where anything can happen.

We are ever so proud of working with her for her wild imagination that whisk us away to Wonderland. We hope you enjoy her dreamlike prints and captivating fine art illustrations as you enter her magical world.

Hi Johanna, can we meet you? 

I'm an illustrator, designer, and artist based in Malmö and Copenhagen. I'm also a part of the design shop & studio 'GunGun' in Copenhagen.


Where does your love for design come from? What inspires you?

I have always loved creating and drawing to form and shape things using my hands. I guess it's a way to transfer myself to a fantasy world where anything can happen. Beyond that, it's also a way to evoke emotions, and it helps me cope with the world. I grew up in the countryside in rural Sweden, in a house surrounded by fields and forests. I spent my childhood climbing trees and taking an interest in everything from flowers to wild elks passing by our garden - which is why nature has always been a healthy inspiration for me.

If you could collaborate with any artist, writer, or musician in the world who would it be, what would you design for them?

It’s a difficult question to answer, but I would love to design book covers for the Penguin Classics series.


What is the importance of hand drawing in the society we live in now?

In a world where everything is going digital, I think hand drawing remains essential as it fosters a presence and a creative process that simply is lost in the analog-digital divide that is human-computer interaction. 

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