Little Yucca Baby & Kids Clothing

Looking for designer baby and kids organic clothing? We got you covered. Now more than ever, parents want clean and safe products for their babies, so organic baby apparel and natural kids' clothing are becoming a standard. Our darling designer brand Little Yucca, founded by Seray Cengiz Sezer, promises the ultimate care for your child's skin and protect their overall health without forgoing good design or style. 

Little Yucca works with different designers every season and collection, and we love their fresh take on colors and the coolest designs. They are easy on the eye, yet playful, and ever so different!

If you believe baby clothes should be gentle to your little one's skin, you are at the right place. Little Yucca makes everything in sustainable conditions and always with eco-friendly materials. Free from heavy metals and toxic chemicals, Little Yucca uses water-based dyes on GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. So the whimsical prints of both toddler and kids' outfits are unique and as natural as they can be.

We are ever so proud of working with her, as with every collection, she proves gender-neutral clothing looks amazing on little ones. We hope you enjoy their latest winter collection, perfect for baby shower gifts and unique birthday presents, available both as singles or bundles!

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