Monmu Jewelry

Our darling designer brand Monmu, based in Istanbul, combines her family heritage with modern design skills and designs to inspire women along their journeys of self-exploration. She is inspired by architecture and natural landscapes, and unfamiliar places. For her, design lives as a part of our lives, on our bodies, reflecting genuine emotions and expressing individuality. We are ever so proud of working with her for she believes in the power of design to empower women.

We hope you enjoy her minimalistic accessories with natural materials and the unique expression of self-exploration with tactual design.

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4 things you didn't know about Alara:

Doing what she dreamt as a child, how the path was along the way:

Yes, it’s a great chance. I come from a family carrying handcraft culture and spirit with its long history of jewelry making. I spent my time at ateliers gaining crafting skills on all occasions. Although I have studied Economics, I pursued my curiosity for fashion and art after my graduation. Combining my family heritage with my modern design skills and adding an original point of view, I started my journey of launching Monmu.  

She believes design can empower the woman:

As a woman and as a designer, I feel a deep sense of imagination. I believe that not only design can empower women, but women can enable design, too. Since I have founded Monmu, I imagine how pieces of design will live in the world as part of our lives, on our bodies, reflecting genuine emotions and expressing individuality.

Her inspirations and creative process:

Mostly unfamiliar places inspire me about jewelry. The people, the atmosphere, the colors, and expressions from different worlds are endlessly inspirational for me. On the contrary of most designers, I don't start the creation process by drawing. It's more pleasant to play with actual materials, like a puzzle. I generate a theme based on colors, configuration, and texture on my mind, then I start to design tactually.

What is the importance of handmade in design for her:

Of course, they are my biggest supporters. There is a common idea that jewelry manufacturing is a hobby or just handcraft for fun. I definitely agree, it's pleasant work, but in the background, it requires strong analytical skills, geometry knowledge, and eye-hand coordination. So, these capable craftsmen have been making a significant contribution to Monmu since – with more exciting projects to come.