Neva Opet Bags

Our darling designer brand Neva Opet, based in Atlanta, Georgia brings you a subdued color palette and minimalist shapes offering modern handbags that are made to last—no matter who you are or where you go. The line is inspired by Rachel’s great-grandmother, Neva, and the ancient Egyptian Opet Festival, an event of regeneration. Much like the legends of the Egyptian Empire, these bags are made to last forever. For her, a perfect bag is what modern, ethical-fashion minded woman wants. We are ever so proud of working with her for she also believes in fewer but better products.

We hope you enjoy her handmade leather bags each named after contemporary female artists who inspire her.

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4 things you didn't know about Rachel:

Her story:

I was born in Louisiana. I graduated from college with a degree in Art History and considered continuing my education to become an Egyptologist. Followed by a few unfulfilling jobs after college, I went back to creating things as an outlet. Since I was a kid, I wanted to become a fashion designer. I switched fabric for leather. After falling in love with the character of leather and the bag making process, I took my hobby full-time in 2014.

What she thinks about 'the perfect bag':

A perfect bag is what modern, ethical fashion-minded woman wants. In a world of disposable fashion, we create handmade products that last a lifetime and beyond trends. 

What she recommends for understanding ethical shopping:

I think education is vital. I always advise that people watch the documentary 'The True Cost' as a starting point. We should buy fewer but better products that we can feel proud to wear.

Art, streets, architecture, technology… What inspires her:

I am always guided by the work of contemporary female artists. I name each bag after a female artist that has made a particular impression on me like Eva Hesse, Louise Bourgeoise, and Carolee Schneemann.