Our favorite sun visor is handmade in Mexico from natural woven palm and features an adjustable velcro closure to fit almost everyone and every hairstyle.

The Visera provides ample sun protection while keeping you looking stylish. The velcro opening in the back allows you to put it on whether your hair is up or down.

Lightweight and super versatile - shade your eyes while reading a book lying down or protect your face while shopping the farmer’s market, our visor is an easy to wear, everyday staple, and the most natural shade you’d ever want to!

Product Features

Materials: Natural palm fibers


  • Inner circumference: adjustable to fit 20” - 23”
  • Diameter of full hat: 12”


  • Visors are handmade and colors will vary.
  • Visors are made from natural palm fibers, please be gentle with your new visor.
  • Avoid creasing or folding it in a way that might damage the fibers. 

She Designed This

Created by a mother and daughter team, Nipomo traveling blankets are what you need to turn your picnics and stargazing adventures into vivid memories, and with every piece you buy, you are supporting traditional makers and their communities in both Mexico and California.

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