Acero Hanging Handwoven Basket
Acero Hanging Handwoven Basket
Acero Hanging Handwoven Basket
Acero Hanging Handwoven Basket

Makaua Handwoven Baskets


Handwoven from palm leaves by Mexico's talented artisans, the Acero Hanging Handwoven Basket is perfect for mudrooms to store accessories and functional in saving space in bathrooms to store towels.

This hanging basket in Acero shade is handwoven with a modern take and is amazingly soft and sturdy. Use it as a decorative object - it will add the texture you need in your living area. Use it as a functional object - it will hold everything you need.

Its simplicity makes it an everlasting item that serves multiple needs in style.

Product Features

Materials: Palm fibers

Dimensions: ⌀ 11 4/5 '' x  11 4/5 '' 


Each product is handmade from a natural fiber, to keep them looking their best please be sure to wipe clean, keep away from water and damp items.

She Designed This

Makaua is a women-led company of artisans, producers, and designers, working together to create beautiful handmade products for the home. They believe there is nothing as special as a handmade product, which represents a story and the person who made it. By adding the element of modern design, they strive to create contemporary pieces that represent and communicate this merger of tradition and timeless simplicity.