Haze Limited Edition Runner Rugs - Darling Spring
Haze Limited Edition Runner Rugs - Darling Spring
Haze Limited Edition Runner Rugs - Darling Spring
Haze Limited Edition Runner Rugs - Darling Spring
Pattern Cedar

Handmade by women weavers in Anatolia, every rug in the Haze Limited Edition Collection tells a unique story of its weaver.

The dedicated process built on explorations in technique, color, and detail lets Begum Cana Ozgur integrate her distinct style and the precious endeavors of the weavers into a one-of-kind collection.

The %100 wool, flat-weave rugs are handwoven with a modern graphic characteristic to our darling designer. The subtle changes in the corduroy texture dissolve the graphic lines and blend the colors; resulting in an illusion of depth on the woven surface. Hence, this quiet expression of translucency gives the collection its name: Haze.

The unique stories woven into the rugs with Begum Cana Ozgur’s exquisite design style continue their journey in your home defining your spaces beautifully.

The Haze Limited Edition Runner Rugs come in a variety of colors to add a finishing touch that defines your long and narrow hallways. Their subtle yet significant style will add a kick to your kitchen or bathroom.

In Stock - Delivery in 4 weeks.

Cedar: 2'6" x 7'4"
%100 wool
1/4" thickness

- Vacuum clean regularly.
- For spillages apply a dilution of detergent and warm water with a damp sponge.
- Dry clean when necessary.

Begum Cana Ozgur based in New York brings you unique craftswomanship through a fusion of ancient knowledge and contemporary design. Her inspiration is drawn from the cultural richness of her homeland, Anatolia where rug weaving is a centuries-old tradition. She also collaborates with Anatolian women weavers at the heart of production.
Cana's passion for weaving merges her cultural heritage with her experimental process and with each collection, she embarks on a journey in technique and a design idea to tackle.