Savor the glorious spices, treats and scents of the season with this premium gift box. 

With three rich color selections, curb your royal high with artisan chocolate, savory salt and add sophisticated scents to your evenings with friends and family.

We all need to make our home a more pleasant place to be. Let’s extend our presence at home with something sweet, something savory, something nice to smell, and something delicate to adorn our festive tables with style.

The Festive Premium Gift Box consists of a handmade, porcelain deep serving bowl, Cultura Whiskey & Nibs Chocolate, Bella Cucina Aromatic Citrus & Fennel Savory Salt, Anecdote Laundry Day Candle and a pair of organic linen napkins by Good Intentions, comes in a white box perfectly wrapped with a custom made ribbon. A handwritten note is included if you choose to send loving words, too!

Choose your favorite color and richen the festive experiences for your most valued colleagues. You all deserve a good break!

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