Cultura Craft Chocolate is the perfect excuse to richen a movie night or a gathering around the fire pit.

We have selected two bestselling drinking chocolate, so you can choose your favorite and enjoy long winter nights sweetened in the best possible way.

Mexican Style Drinking Chocolate:

Traditional Mexican style chocolate now ground up to make it even easier for you to make at home.

70% Haiti Drinking Chocolate

Award winning 70% Haiti ground into drinking chocolate.

Product Features

Mexican Style Drinking Chocolate:

  • Ingredients: Organic cacao, organic cane sugar, organic ceylon cinnamon.
  • Serving: 6oz bags (~8 servings)

70% Haiti Drinking Chocolate

  • Ingredients: Organic cacao, organic cane sugar
  • Serving: -1.5oz bags (~2 servings)


  • Store it in a cool, dry place.
  • When chocolate is kept at a consistent temperature below 70°F (ideally between 65 and 68°F), and at a humidity of less than 55%, the emulsion of cocoa solids and cocoa butter will stay stable for months.

She Designed This

Cultura Craft Chocolate is a Latina women-owned bean-to-bar chocolate-making company with a mission to create truly amazing chocolate that has greater transparency, sustainability, and accessibility.

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