Our bestseller mugs are now serving tea and drinking chocolate!

Bringing you the most sustainable and organic tea from Canada, and the award winning Cultura Chocolate's drinking chocolate, you can now gift your favorite mugs with the best flavors in town!

Our enamel mugs are made with centuries-old coating methods and each hand-painted item from this abstract-meets-pop line is unique, durable and designed for use at home or outdoors.

These funky mugs paired with Bon Temps teas, you’ll create the perfect excuse to take a moment each day that brings you joy. 

Bon Temps teas are vegan, sugar-free, cruelty-free and gluten-free. We have selected their best flavors for different tastes and benefits, so you can choose your favorite and enjoy a sea of flavors mindfully hand picked for your pleasure. We hope you enjoy the cleanest and safest tea in the world, wrapped in beautiful 70s-inspired designs.

If you are more on the sweet side our drinking chocolate by Cultura Craft Chocolate is the perfect excuse to richen a movie night or a gathering around the fire pit. 

This Premier Award Winning Chocolate making company has been recognized by the chocolate community with various national and international awards including a Good Food Award for their 70% Haiti Chocolate bar. We are so proud to work with them for their dedication to always being curious, never compromising, and pushing boundaries.

The Drink Me! Gift Box consists of two enamel mugs and your choice of beverage comes in a white box perfectly wrapped with a custom made ribbon. A handwritten note is included if you choose to send loving words, too!

Choose your favorite colors and flavor and make your loved ones happy!

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