Haze Collection Runner Rugs

Fascinated by the nomadic Turkish tradition, rug weaving, designer Begum Cana Ozgur introduces a fresh, contemporary approach to her heritage. She collaborates with women weavers around the villages of Anatolia and creates a social transformation through the power of design.

Her latest flatware rug collection, Haze, explores the inseparable alliance between texture and color. While the minimalist graphic creates a modest background in the space, each color palette brings a unique earthy feeling to the interior.

Handwoven only with wool, the collection is great for hallways, kitchen, and bathrooms. 

Haze runner rugs are made to order, come with 4 different color options in 3 available sizes, and delivered in 10 weeks. Custom production available.

You can order color swatches through here.

Please get in touch with us at info@darlingspring.com for custom sizes.

All pieces are handmade and produced in small batches, therefore not all items are in stock at all times. Learn more about our availability and delivery process.

Product Features

Materials: %100 wool

Dimensions1/4" thickness

Runner Size: 2'4" x 7'10"

    Please get in touch with us at info@darlingspring.com for custom sizes.


    • Vacuum clean regularly.
    • For spillages apply a dilution of detergent and warm water with a damp sponge.
    • Dry clean when necessary.

    She Designed This

    Begum Cana Ozgur, based in New York, brings you unique craftswomanship through a fusion of ancient knowledge and contemporary design. Her inspiration is drawn from the cultural richness of her homeland, Anatolia where rug weaving is a centuries-old tradition. She also collaborates with Anatolian women weavers at the heart of production.

    Cana's passion for weaving merges her cultural heritage with her experimental process and with each collection, she embarks on a journey in technique and a design idea to tackle. 

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