The Horizonte Blankets simplifies the intersection of the sky and the earth into three bands of color. Creating a calming collection of colors perfect for inside or out.

Arena, meaning sand, and surely sand gets a bad wrap for always finding its way into your bed. But! Think of those warm summer days when you lay a blanket down on the warm sand and take in the sun for hours. Enjoy the sandy tones pairing up nicely with the light blue of a clear sunny day.

These blankets are large enough for sharing with friends or use them all on your own to get cozy while stargazing. Benefit from their easy transport with the included leather strap.

Product Features



  • Arena  -  Gold, Sand, White
  • Fresca -  Greens, Light Pink, Tan
  • Sol -  Cream, Tan, Gold



  • All fibers are up-cycled yarn from the garment industry, and handwoven in Mexico by skilled artisans.
  • Material content may vary due to this but is generally 50% polyester, 30% acrylic, 20% cotton.
  • Straps are handmade and vegetable-tanned leather, made in San Diego.


  • Unfolded: 83" x 51"
  • Rolled: 16.5" x 6.5 "


  • Spot cleaning works wonders, but if needed, machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle. 
  • We recommend hang drying or lay flat to dry, but they can be machine dried on tumble dry. Be sure to remove the strap before cleaning!
  • Please note blankets and leather straps are handmade, and colors will vary slightly.

She Designed This

Created by a mother and daughter team, Nipomo traveling blankets are what you need to turn your picnics and stargazing adventures into vivid memories and with every piece you buy, you are supporting traditional makers and their communities in both Mexico and California.

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