Luna Brisa Picnic Blanket

This outstanding blanket get's its color from its name Brisa, which means breeze, the warm, gentle kind that announces the beginning of spring. Of course, as Darling Spring, we love it!
The pattern comes from Luna, the moon's constant presence and evolving shapes. Rounds line the center of the blanket and provide a great space for picnic spreads to take place. Also, super chic leather straps.
Our blankets are perfect for the great outdoors but work just as well on your couch! Also, it will be a great gift.
Machine washable.
These blankets are perfect for park picnics or keeping warm around a campfire. They are big enough for a 2 - 4 person picnic and roll up in thirds for easy transport.

Since all of our products are handmade in small batches, occasionally items may not be in stock at our warehouse or in stock with our designers. Learn more about backordering here.

Product Features

Made with upcycled yarn from the garment industry
Handmade vegetable-tanned leather straps

Unfolded: 83" x 51"
Rolled: 16.5" x 6.5 "

Designed in San Francisco.
Handwoven in Mexico by skilled artisans


Spot cleaning works wonders, but if needed, machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle. 

We recommend hang drying or lay flat to dry, but they can be machine dried on tumble dry. Be sure to remove the strap before cleaning!
Please note blankets and leather straps are hand made, and colors will vary slightly.


She Designed This

Nipomo was born to celebrate the local craft and traditions of Mexico and California. As a mother and daughter team, they collaborate with skilled artisans from our home country of Mexico. Designing a modern product with traditional methods of making allows them to create unique products while preserving a slice of history, art, and craft.

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