Printed on heavyweight uncoated card stock, here is your calendar of 12 undated months for your new year.

It was no less than Ben Franklin, who said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” With time being an ever-shrinking commodity, it’s essential to make the most of yours with the deliciously offline experience of this analog support tool.

With a hole for hanging and a sheet for each month of the year, your calendar is ready to be filled in. Depending on your creative doodling, it can double as art.

After what 2020 brought us, this is precisely what we need in our approach to time.

Product Features

Size: 11.5" x 17"

Printed on heavyweight uncoated card stock with a spine of black glue.  


It's paper, you know what not to do :)

She Designed This

Designed in Tribeca, NYC, and Lisbon, Portugal and crafted by makers worldwide, Wms & Co provides an intimate, personalized, and deliciously offline experience that can be hard to come by these days. Many of these simple things reflect the hand of the artisan or the quiet genius of the inventor. Use them often and they will acquire the rich patina of service. 

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