The Tampico Turkey Wing Broom is our new addition to your home, brings a softer sweep than the broomcorn brushes.

Tampico - the fibers from a certain species of agave make a lovely soft-bristled brush. Tied with hemp cord for a sturdy, but delicate sweep and leather hang tie. 

Two-color combinations to choose from: Blush - Natural - Greige or Teal - Blush - Greige, choose as you like it!

Time to sweep off winter and let spring into our homes!

Product Features

  • MaterialSustainably + locally sourced agave fibers, polished hemp cord
  • Size: 12 1/2” x 7”
Color: Sorting of color combinations may vary.


  • Hang your broom or lay it flat, never propped up on its bristles to prolong its life and longevity.
  • To clean it, simply wipe away debris and cobwebs with your hand or a dry cloth.

She Designed This

Sunhouse Craft is the work of designer/maker Cynthia Main that allows her to combine her background as a fabricator with her strong desire to find sustainable and harmonious ways of working.  Each piece is made by hand in her Kentucky studio, weaving together crafting traditions of Appalachia, natural materials, and timeless design. The end result is tools that bring back a sense of everyday magic into our daily work and chores.

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