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Handmade for your inner Handmaid

Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, takes a dark, extreme look into what the future might hold if women continue to be marginalized in American society. Now a hit TV show on Hulu, The Handmaid’s Tale toes the line between antiquity and a future state, set in the land of Gilead—where all modern home decor reverts to Colonial style, clothing is uniform, monochromatic and minimalist, and traditional values are taken to the extreme. Yet all the while, modern technology, and society continue to exist outside the walls of Gilead. 

It’s no surprise that Atwood’s minimalist aesthetic has become such a pop culture hit. The perfect mix of classic, conservative style mixed with modern, minimalist materials and structure creates a fascinating tension that gives each household in Gilead a feeling of its own. From the wives to the handmaids to the Marthas, the children they care for, and the men who control their every move, within these four walls lie many emotions and moods.

Believe it or not, the iconic red and white silhouette of the handmaid is based on an old product label for Old Dutch Cleanser, an image that once frightened Atwood as a young girl, and has now become a powerful symbol for women’s rights and equality. And, even in the world of Gilead’s uniformity, with each woman wearing the same minimalist dress like her peers, the individuality and spirit that lives within each of them shine—much to the chagrin of the powers that be.

Express yourself with modern, minimalist home décor

Like the women of Gilead are able to express themselves using what’s on the inside, the Darling Springs collection of Ragna Ragnarsdottir candle holders, bowls and vases let you showcase the beauty of what lies within, too. Each home accessory within the Ragna collection is designed to embrace the mood you choose, so you too can express your individuality.

Ragna Ragnarsdottir’s dreamlike blue, pink and green candle holders, vases and bowls are handmade by pouring colored layers to create unique, graphical landscapes. Just like the characters of The Handmaid’s Tale, each home accessory in the Ragna Ragnarsdottir home accessories collection is seemingly similar… but upon closer inspection, these handmade vessels are each one of a kind, just like Atwood’s most compelling characters and surreal landscapes. Express your inner individuality with a handmade candle holder for your inner handmaid. Offred would be proud. 

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