Meet the Team!

Welcome! It's ever so nice to meet you!

As you won't come across us in our physical store, it can be difficult to see the women behind a brand and a website. So here is the team!

We are Banu & Eril, the heart and soul behind Darling Spring.

While we are best known for Darling Spring, we are also a design studio specializing in creating custom products for small homewares, interior design & architecture.

We are people who have a flair for decor, one of those people who alternate the look of their homes regularly: Update your home & change your perspective; this is what we believe.

Banu Tanguler - Architect / Co-founder

With a love for building worlds with spaces, Banu has specialized in architecture. She has a passion for homewares and worked in Architecture & Interior Design for several years before co-founding Darling Spring. 

Banu leans towards cool interiors with a sense of space and good light with pared-back materiality. She focuses on the timeless, comfortable, and functional.

Banu is in charge of all aspects of finance and operation management. She takes care of all the behind-the-scenes details of our wholesale and retail business. She is a master organizer of products and packing. Every single item that leaves our shop is expertly packed by her. 

Eril Serbetci - Storyteller & Designer / Co-Founder

With her background in Visual Communication, she is the storyteller of Darling Spring and is in charge of all partnerships, brand onboarding, and customer service. You get the support you need from her.

Educated in Visual Communication Design, Cultural Studies, and Design Management, she has worked in several industries as a designer and a writer, including graphic design and film, before specializing in interior design.

Eril's take on design is warm and inviting. Everything is out and about, welcoming, and easy to blend in. Her home space deconstructs and rebuilds day by day.

Three things you didn't know about them


Banu decided to be an architect when she was 6.

She lived in Stuttgart and New York before meeting Eril in Istanbul.

Her mom was one of the first female entrepreneurs in the corporate gifting scene in Istanbul, an inspiration to all of us. 


Eril lived in London during her MFA, where she focused on women's studies.

She is writing a novel about a promising young woman who embarks on the journey of a lifetime to fulfill her destiny and find her calling at the turn of the 19th century Pera, Istanbul.

She can believe six impossible things before breakfast.