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What feels like home?

Some homes you walk into instantly feel welcoming. Not just because you enjoy the company or admire the decor – although both help. There’s something else. The space feels familiar. A sense of knowing springs in you to moment you enter. The sight, the scent, the warmth… You feel connected instantly. In other homes, it takes time, like meeting with an introverted person. They seem distant and reserved at first, open up in time, and you notice a new detail every day. Regardless of the style, it is the feeling that draws you in or makes you pause.

There are also differences in how someone creates a home, as we are all unique to our own. Some of us build the foundations quite quickly. We care to be surrounded by pieces with meaning and bring comfort, say, after moving to a new country. And then, some of us enjoy the luxury of time, slowly adding to our collections over the years – perhaps an item found while on travels or something that was saved for and happily moved from one dwelling to another. Regardless of how long our journeys take, we carry things with us and reflect our personality with every piece we choose to keep.

Unique home decor accessories are what help us make a house a home. Textiles, candles, vases, and floral arrangements have a significant impact on this journey. Adding texture is crucial to bring in our unique characteristics to our spaces. Wood, marble, wicker, or leather are excellent natural materials to soften the room with earthy hues. Softer curves invite us to curl up, and warm and nubby fabrics make us feel cozy and comfortable. Textiles are essential for easy seasonal swaps because you can simply add color with a new throw. Our throw collection will serve you best to add layers of functional comfort for more inviting spaces. They are great for snuggling and relaxing for the muted tones in your modern living area. 

Build your fort of pillows, cocoon yourself with throws and blankets. Cuddle up and diss the noise in your mind. Indulge in comfort for the ultimate relaxation. There is nothing better to rest, reset and relax to find your ideal pace. Our organic cotton throws or wool throw blankets will help make you feel cozy for colder and warmer seasons. And with our handwoven baskets, you will keep them and every other clutter in place with style. Pillows offer comfort and a decorative layout. They provide a dab of texture and color with ever so smooth handwoven touch. One can anchor the focus and look with pillows while keeping walls and furniture minimalist. This is worth an addition to being a solution to your back pain. Our decorative pillows are handwoven with traditional techniques with Contempo playfulness, so you get one-of-a-kind pillows when you shop with us.

Go big if you like to add texture with textile on your wall. Our tapestry collection will help you create beautiful illusions or go modest, and our dustpan and brooms will not let you down on your cool decor ideas.

Centerpieces will make a bold statement in your living room. A unique acrylic vase on your mantelpiece will bring in color and a bold pattern for you to add plenty of visual interest to a laid-back neutral living room. If you are looking for a statement piece on your coffee table, our centerpiece bowls are as unique as it gets. They are not only one-of-a-kind but also functional - perfect for entryway accessory holders. We can all benefit from finding our keys in the same place every time.

The colors in our collection serve you to create the most inviting feelings. Check out the blue acrylic vase or the mint vase - a modern ceramic piece. If you are into green, go ahead and shop our green lumbar pillow and green acrylic vase - and if you are into pink, check out our pink pillows and surreal pink vase. 

Add your colors by adding green with plants. Create floral arrangements with our unique indoor planters, and you’ll not only save space but add dimension to nooks, window sills, and blank corners. 

Candles create a ‘scentual’ experience. This smooth lighting source will calm nerves and smoothen hard effects. Light your candle, and acclimate to the season. Pour a nice cup of hot tea, turn the page of the amazing book you’ve been reading. In the end, isn’t comfort the cure for uncertainty, and what brings serenity?

Do you need home decor items to tie everything together and make a room feel “finished”? Let our collection be an inspiration to you. Whether you add framed pictures, bookshelf decor, wall hangings, throw pillows - from affordable decor to statement pieces, we bring you unique home accessories, so you know where to buy home decor. Let’s put the finishing touches on your home and decor together. 

Do we EVER truly reach the end of styling our homes?  Mmm never! That journey grows with us.