For Designers


Darling Spring is a mission-driven brand promoting women creatives, where women accent in design is recognized and celebrated. We actively choose independent women designers, artists, artisans, and makers and we provide these services for them:

  • Freight and Customs: We take care of bringing your products to the US. so you can free up your time to do what you love doing.
  • Marketing: We take care of the visual communication of your products and manage digital marketing to bring attention to your personal brand. We proudly share your story and work across multiple platforms for we believe every creative journey is an inspirational story worth sharing.
  • Reliable and Punctual Payments: We work with the majority of our artists via consignment, but we're also open to wholesale. Either way, we work together to better connect you with our customers.

Our curatorial process is our signature to deliver a refined selection. We look for the following in our work: 

  • Handmade is precious: We love it when products are not mass-produced. We provide high-end sourcing and we do not scale at high-volume - offering the right products rather than all products.
  • Uniqueness: We are always looking for artists who express themselves in a new and unique way and make sure our curation is a selection of objects that one wouldn’t find readily on the high street, objects that stand the quality of time. 
  • A sustainable relationship: We build our community with respect and care to create a sustainable relationship and grow together for long-term success; tailoring the growth path together with our designers.