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Home as a blank canvas

Remember the day you moved into your home? It was a blank canvas, a new opportunity to be a space for you to experience happy times, make lasting memories and create the perfect environment that you long to come home to.

The living room is vital in a home, so maximizing utility and comfort is key when redecorating or remodeling. Creating a focal point is an excellent way to anchor any room. If you are into binge-watching tv-series and movies, the focus of your room may be a home entertainment system. If you are into parties, functional space for conversation will be more important for you. Sometimes your main living area will have focus already, like a fireplace and mantle, but if not, you can create your own with our selection of decorations for the home.

Whether you are lounging, socializing, or entertaining, the contemporary living room design is ideally eclectic. The mix of vintage with the new, a single piece from a different style or something avant-garde, and of course the integration of the artwork; you create your own eclectic journey from memories to inspiration in a space you will love spending time in. 

Decorations for the Home

When it comes to giving any room personality, wall decorations are a must. Certainly, artwork and photos are the most common wall decor for a living room, but you are also at the right place to find unique wall hangings. We love creating decor heavens with gallery walls and always add a couple of sentimental pieces to combine with things fun to look at. If you are like us, who likes to have natural colors and white hues in the house – our select, unusual wall art for the living room will allow you to introduce color and anchor the focal points. Build up from basic hues, and then bring in art - you will turn any room into a haven. Spice up with artwork and feed your soul with some feminine creativity.

Color, therefore, rightfully takes the lead in our wall art collection to break our current monotonous cycles. Staying more at home, haven't we all started looking for statement focal points?

Art perpetuates beauty. Especially in times of global unrest, it's only natural we move towards earthy tones that ooze a sense of familiarity and normalcy with welcoming calm tones like a sunny shade of mustard, or a warm terra cotta. Our favorite, quiet colors of comfort. Then, there is blue. Or moodier blues. An intense dark peacock. Or a seductive electric navy. An Yves Klein vivid blue - such a modern classic. Or that ultramarine with a deep dark blue, so you can dive into oblivion. Deep hues of teal and raspberry to die for. Or a rich purple that curbs your royal high. Get some of green no matter what: Be it cedar green, moss green, or some handsome British racing green. Choose your favorite color and combo and pop! No paint needed; you have a door to another world. Wall art decor will add sophistication to your rooms. 

Unique Wall Hangings

Whether you want to fill your hallway with art or up a staircase, get creative with the wall space above your bed, or add a final touch to your dining room, we've got you covered. The solution to your empty walls is hanging our modern prints. Our collection of art prints is here to help you fill a bare wall with several mid-sized pieces to create a gallery-like effect or a few large pieces for a simple look. We recommend hanging artwork as you like it, mix and match freely - let the creative in you run wild. Our pieces are one-of-a-kind from around the world and are designed to tell your stories with joy. As above, so below and Alice print from Barcelona are best-sellers for a good reason. They are quirky and down-to-earth. Our banners are better than any calligraphy prints because they are hand-calligraphed. You can trace the journey of the artist with your hands. Burst in maximalism or cozy up bohemian, Zubeyde Arda's exquisite prints will put some soul on your wall from Canada. A graphic luxury with splashes of color and a play of patterns, Frida Clerhage's work will inspire you every time you look at them. 

Wall Art Decor

Looking for artwork to put on bold wall colors? Keep the lines clean with black&white pieces in our collection and let background colors run wild. Johanna Magoria's Nature Prints will give you the contrast you need - especially in light-colored oak or saturated walnut frames - favorites colors of Scandinavia. If you are into travel-inspired living rooms, don't be frustrated with the deferred travel dreams. Use Ida Rorholm Davidsen's Seasons of Copenhagen prints as inspiration and decorate your walls with designer wall art from distant regions of the world, all by young female illustrators.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that women have been underrepresented in the arts throughout history. Female artists still make up just two percent of the art market, and many institutions still cater to mostly male artists. But the narrative is changing. Now with Darling Spring, you have a new way to connect with talented female artists, buy fine art prints and support their work. If you, like us, are always on the hunt for your next great art find, you've at the right place. There's no better feeling than buying a meaningful piece by an up-and-coming creative and support the person who created it, don't you agree?

Best Home Decor Gifts

Our book collection will be great conversation starters and show where you stand in gender parity in design & art because our book selection is for and about women only. In addition to your unusual wall decor, you must have these books on your coffee table and complete the character of your home.

It is also high time to curb your paper obsession, darling. There is nothing like a letterpress card, made with love, to spare yourself some time away from screen time and feel the texture of the paper, the beautiful colors printed on and send some love! Our stationery line is for the one on the lookout for different, sensual interactions with paper.

Designer Wall Art

Modern wall decor is a gorgeous and easy way to add thoughtful and beautiful pieces to your home, and it's a perfect gift for almost anyone. Best home decor gifts are fine art prints, after all, because nothing helps more than wall art to create a sense of home quickly.

It's good for you to use your home to show off a bit more flair, more of your personality because you have a wild imagination. Let's bring out the designer in you together to create your new favorite space.