How to Work from Home while Social Distancing

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I have spent 10 years of my life working as a freelancer. Here is how I kept my performance healthy every day.


Written while listening to this.

Today, most of us will be waking up to a remote working week. 

Your regular Monday morning will feel different: You will not commute with your morning coffee in a tired travel mug in an overcrowded subway ride. Instead, you’ll have your morning brew with your darling mug in the comfort of your bed.

Today, some of us will feel like we can get used to this, while some of us will feel a little out of balance. Either way, if we want to sustain a robust performance when our routines change, there are two essential factors to consider: Energy and Intent.

Keeping your energy up

An excellent performance relies on our energy levels. If our energy is in tune with our daily routine, we perform well. Although for exceptional performance, there are other things to consider, such as nutrition, exercise, and drama-free relationships. Yet how we use our energy truly dictate how well we live our lives.

To keep our energy levels at an optimum, if not best, we rely on our body clocks. It is our unique rhythm that keeps us moving every day - preferably forward. It knows best when to rise, peak, and when to slow down and rest. That rhythm is where our stamina feeds from.

That is why, when we need to modify our habits to new routines, we better keep a steady rhythm. If we help our body clocks stay set, they will, in turn, help us well when we need to keep our minds clear, spirits up, and perform with enough energy. I believe this is essential as we enter uncertain times because we need all our energy, our best selves.

Many would think what drives our performance level is our morning routine. Yet, a healthy weekday begins the night before. The consistency you have every night as you wind down for some rest has a direct impact on how you wake up and start your day. 

Whether you like to read some, listen to good music or meditate, you set your next day up perfectly for some splendid action. It is crucial to stay away from blue light for a night of sound sleep and if you allow yourself to have enough hours of sleep instead of binge-watching your favorite series, you will have the stamina to keep up with your new routine.

So, regardless of how and where you take your morning coffee, the state you greet your day is set the night before.

Setting Intentions For Your Day

It is quite easy to enter lounge mode when your bed calls you for a power nap, or your couch feels even more comfortable than usual. And then suddenly you notice it is dinner time. You have done no work at all. 

Our homes are our comfort zones; they are loaded with distractions, and oh dear, don’t we love them! Yet, to sustain healthy conditions for remote working, the best way to stay on top of things is to set intentions every day.

As our daily routines are disrupted, we lose the cues that trigger our actions to focus on work. Setting intentions will help us align our old and new habits in harmony.

So today, why not allow yourself to ease the way you end your day and wake up as your best self to your new working conditions?

And preferably with your morning brew in your modern coffee mug, it might be wise to set your intentions for the day so that you stay healthy and happy during these extraordinary times.

Stay in touch as tomorrow we talk more about working from home and stay healthy.

Stay safe and take care!

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