Waiwai Leather Jewelry

Our darling designer brand Waiwai, based in Canada, brings you versatile and comfortable accessories to spice up your look with the most natural materials. Her inspiration is drawn from a combination of strong and linear structures found in architecture and delicate textures and patterns in nature. For her, leather is a sacred material and by up-cycling, she puts this fine material to use in an ethical and sustainable way.

We are ever so proud of working with her for her work is an exploration of timeless and minimal design that seeks functionality and appreciation of beauty. We hope you enjoy this contemporary, organic jewelry collection that fulfills your look in the most exceptional way.

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4 things you didn't know about WaiWai:

WaiWai in 3 words:

Upcycled leather experiments. 

Why she thinks about accessorizing ourselves, is it a sociological or a fashion statement?

To me, accessories are the way to express your inner being. Quite often, accessories can give you an idea about the personality wearing them. Casual, minimal, piece of art, they all have the reason to be worn, be it the mood, sentiments, or just the tool to attract attention. They spice up the image, fulfill the look, create a character.

Where she gets inspired from:

It's everywhere! In small details of things, color combinations, pattern, textures, light scenarios, the geometry of surroundings, people, etc. I draw my inspiration from a combination of strong and linear structures found in architecture and urban environment, delicate textures, and patterns of nature. With concern to contemporary trends together with perpetual harmony of Mother Nature pieces are practical and timeless, for any occasion, can easily be combined or become a centerpiece. I seek for functionality and appreciation of beauty.

 Why she uses leather:

This sacred material is an endless source of inspiration. So versatile and supple that allows me to manipulate it in so many ways. So comfortable and natural to have against the human skin as it's soft and smooth. I acknowledge the controversy of using leather these days; however, I focus on the fact that it is more ethical and sustainable to use it till the last bit by making high-quality products that keep fine material away from landfills and last long. Behind this idea, there is also an explanation of the timeless and minimal design.