Nothing says ‘’effortless chic’’ like a crocheted handbag in simple, elegant colors.

With a troupe of playful tassels, this handmade and naturally-dyed City bag is the perfect companion for your daily outings.

Handcrafted by local women in Turkey, your Tullaa bag embodies a one-of-a-kind artisanship for your exquisite style. 

Product Features

Materials: Paper straw, Leather 
Dimensions: 19.5'' x 17.6''

  • 100% Handmade Crochet Knitting
  • 100% Leather adjustable shoulder strap
  • Internal Pocket


  • In case of stains, stuff the straw bag with tissue paper before cleaning or repairing the purse to maintain the bag’s shape.
  • Wring thoroughly to remove excess water until the soft material is damp to the touch. If the cloth is dripping wet, the straw purse will soak up the excess water. Wipe the bag gently with the damp cloth to remove surface dirt.
  • Wipe the entire straw purse down with the clean damp rag.
  • Wipe gently and in the direction of the straw purse’s weave; do not attempt to wipe against the grain of the straw handbag.
  • Doing so may cause damage to the straw fibers. Place the purse on a table in a well-ventilated area. Allow the straw purse to dry a minimum of 12 hours.

She Designed This

The mother-daughter duo behind Tullaa describes their brand as 'a project with a spirit.' Since 2011, they’ve been working with 60 local women in their coastal hometown of Izmir, Turkey, to weave the amazingly soft and elegant handbags of this collection. Marked by pastel hues and effortless designs, Tullaa bags add a touch of natural luxury to your favorite outfits, from the beach to the boulevard.

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