Contemporary Designer Rugs

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What makes a home? 

Homes embody how we live and see ourselves. They evolve when we focus on what makes us happy. Designing a home requires reflection and thoughtful choices. It is a rewarding process. When we create a place that meets our needs and expresses our character, we enrich our lives. So when we use our home decor strategically and complement our entire home, we start telling a story no one has told before - our story.

Your home interior decor is a reflection of your personality and everything you are interested in. The way you decorate your home allows you to create a space where you enjoy spending your time. You may not realize this, but the way you decorate your home also influences your health, mood, productivity, and even confidence. So what does home mean to us? How do we want to feel in it? What do we value? 

We engage with and experience a space from the outside in: We start with the rooms predefined by the structure and put the furniture in first. While the definition and functions of rooms constantly evolve - especially after the pandemic, the way we feel in them principally depends on how we decorate them. In the end, a home is never just a place; it's a feeling.

Our home & decor collection is here to help you create your best spaces. Curated with a contemporary style in mind, our collection brings you well-thought, handcrafted pieces that excel functionally and amaze as decorative accessories. Needless to say that these decorative items make great gifts.

Our catalog for home decor begins with the main area of a house: The living room. Living rooms serve different purposes for different people. In some homes, they are mainly used for social gatherings and parties, while in others, they serve as the family room as well. In any case, the living room is where we gather our loved ones and steer to for entertaining and relaxing. That's why choosing decor that creates a comfortable, inviting atmosphere is vital for a living room. But with so many options when it comes to home decorations, it is not easy to know which items to include in your living room design. The way to find the right decorative items for your living room begins with essential pieces to give the space a welcoming vibe. You will then need to add minor touches along the way to create the character and visual interest for a complete, balanced design and fall in love with the story you create.

Furniture is key in a living room, but it's the smaller touches that help tie a room's design together. To highlight the furniture, you need accessories that add color and texture to the space. If your living room has hardwood floors, a large area rug is an ideal way to anchor your seating area. Smaller wool rugs can help accent smaller items in the room, like entryway consoles. 

In a beautiful home, it is a joy to stroll from room to room. Since the pandemic, it has become our daily commute.  The hallway is now an inspirational passage. Narrow hallways can be in muted and neutral hues, while spacious hallways could use and pop with color to create focal points. 

If you match wall color and wallpaper with hues from your favorite artwork, our runner rugs will offer a complementary color collection for the best feel under your feet. A durable runner rug is the solution to your cold feet, but the runner will also eternally look cool with matching wallpaper and powerful art print. 

Bedrooms in winters need even more softness - especially under your feet. And for that weekend morning, you look forward to every weekday; you will benefit from a soft touch on your back while you lounge. The softness level is your personal choice; natural materials are always appreciated.

A return to classics, velvety drapes with dark, bold colors, an intense palette of the nostalgic and the familiar is on the rise since the pandemic, so that we might be all looking forward to vibrant, maximalist touches instead of geometric, abstract sleekness. If you need to care for and keep yourself whole, go ahead and indulge. We all need pampering ourselves for a sense of escapism to comfort zones. Whether you are looking for a lively, boho take or a serene, minimalist one, you'd benefit from putting your energy into making your home more enticing every season.

Enjoy our contemporary rug collection by independent female designers from Turkey, where exquisite rug design is an ancient tradition, and put your signature in every room of your home in addition to maximized comfort and health. Discover our unique rugs for your living room, area rugs, and runners for your bedrooms. 

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