A product beyond our perceived functionality, the peshtemal towel is truly a multifaceted item. It has unlimited expressions. Traditionally hand-loomed with %100 Turkish Cotton, this Turkish towel set has an incredible performance in absorbency and dries in minutes. Made by the artisans, these high-quality towels become softer with every wash that they feel like a second skin. 

They are multifunctional - use them as kitchen towels, they make the best Turkish dish towel with their absorbency. They make excellent kitchen tablecloths with no mildew smell. Known for their long fibers, Turkish peshtemals are lightweight by their nature. They are so easy to fold, so you can use them for long days at the beach, afternoon picnics, and backpack trips.  

Good Intentions’ take on a traditional Turkish bath towel is a line-patterned, minimal design. Ivory Turkish Hand Towel Set is great for bathrooms, and navy blue adds year-round color to the kitchen. They are unisex, nevertheless. Each loom can produce 5-6 towels each day, hand-made with love, their craftsmanship is at its finest which provides an excellent user experience. 


Product Features

  • %100 Hand-loomed from OEKO-TEX yarn-dyed Turkish cotton with hand-knotted fringes.
  • Woven with two-step hand-loom in Turkey
  • Light and compact
  • Dries very quickly
  • No mildew smell
  • Lint-free

Bath / Beach Towel Size: 41 in x 67 in
Weight: 12.2oz

Hand Towels Size (Set Of 2): 20.5 in x 36 in
Weight: 3.6oz


  • A good towel can last to 5-10 years when rotated with other sets.
  • Wash towels after 3-4 normal uses.
  • Machine wash 40 dg, tumble dry low, iron as needed
  • Do not use dryer sheets or fabric softener to maintain absorbency
  • If you do use fabric softener, add a 1/2 cup of white vinegar to your next wash cycle to soften your towels.
  • Do not bleach

A basic rule of thumb:

  • For the bathroom, 3 sets of towels each: One hanging in the bathroom. One in the linen closet. One in the laundry basket.
  • For the kitchen: 3 sets of the small ones as dish towels.

She Designed This

Good Intentions is the private label by the founders of Darling Spring, Eril Serbetci, and Banu Tanguler, bringing artisan home goods to your home with feel-good tactile items that will last, and suit your lifestyle that flourishes with slow luxury.
Growing up in a culturally rich country, high-quality natural materials were an everyday opulence in their households, and now they are sharing their know-how of local ingredients and craftsmanship with you, harvested and put together with good intentions.

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