Kapka Enamelware

Our darling designer brand Kapka, created by three women with a calling to recreate the family meals of their childhood, specializes in stunningly hip enamelware. Their inspiration is drawn from colorful dinner tables and memories of the simple joy of sharing. For them, enamelware is a constant in an otherwise changing tablescape as the most durable, eco-friendly, and healthy kitchenware material.

We are ever so proud of working with them for they take us on a fun journey to the past with their exquisite designs. We hope you enjoy this handmade indoor/outdoor kitchenware reviving colorful dinner tables of childhood.

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4 things you didn't know about Kapka:

The story of three women behind Kapka:

Kapka was founded in March 2017 by Bilge, Sibel, and Saime, 3 close friends with different professional backgrounds. However, the idea was conceived mid-way in 2016, and it took us a little bit to find the courage to set things in motion. We have brought together our experiences and ideas to recreate the soul of the packed and colorful dinner tables of our childhood, choosing enamelware as the centerpiece. Our impulsion was to create pieces that we would enjoy using ourselves, pieces that reminded us of good memories and create new ones.

The Story of Flashback Collection:

Using geometric forms, contrast, and intense colors inspired by the Memphis and Disco trends of the '80s, our "Flashback" collection invites you to a fun journey to the past. As usual, we have remained faithful to the nostalgic nature of enamelware and used eco-friendly, healthy materials in this design. On top of it, in the "Flashback" series, we introduce new, original forms into our lineup of pots and pans – footed plates, jars, strainers, and food containers. With our collections, we hope to stir your beautiful memories and be a part of the new ones.

Why they chose enamel as a material:

From the beginning, we had the idea to work with enamelware as we observed it was about to make a comeback, a very welcome back! We chose enamelware because it was the constant in an otherwise changing table throughout generations - it was in every kitchen, every table, in our past conversations and memories. And it was shared by all. Also, we wanted to work with a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and healthy material.

What object would they design for the Planet Earth:

I guess it is different objects for each one of us but what is common is that we would like to work with an environmentally friendly material, like enamel, again.