Studio Kali

Our darling designer brand Studio Kali, the Istanbul-based design studio with a collection of awarded rugs is founded by Fulden Topaloğlu, Ph.D. With her background in product design in the design industry, her works on design management and design education are also published in major design publications. She is driven by the idea that creativity, determination, and a passion for what you do are the key ingredients of inspiration in life.

Kali, shorthand for Kaliope (Calliope), is the muse of poetry and eloquence and the chief of all muses in Greek mythology. Like Calliope, Studio Kali believes inspiration is sacred. We are ever so proud of working with Studio Kali as she takes on the responsibility towards our environment and society, contributes 5% of annual net profits to social and environmental causes she cares about.

We hope you enjoy her award-winning rug collection, functional furniture pieces, decorative homeware, and photographic and artistic prints to make the staples of your home.

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