The hand blown glass carafe is far more than simple glass; each is a “drinkable art vessel,” encouraging everyone to make a connection between the water they drink, the way they drink it, and the impact it has on their lives.

Water is precious for your body and the earth, so why don’t you take the time to nourish yourself and decant your water from an elegant and artistic hand blown vessel?

Each piece is truly unique as the design is achieved through the movement of colour blown into the glass, a technique fiendishly difficult to achieve.

Serving your nectar of life in two colors: Midnight Blue and Dusty Rose.


Product Features

Material: Hand blown Glass
Volume: 40oz. / 1.2 L (4 – 5 drinking glasses)
Size:4 2/5 '' x 4 2/5 '' x 12 1/5 ''
Weight: 17.6 oz


  • Always wash new carafes before first use.
  • Hand wash recommended.
  • Use a suitable detergent and warm water with a non abrasive sponge or cloth.

She Designed This

Born and raised in sunny Southern California, Kira is in love with the ocean and thus has a deep appreciation for all things water emerged. Her designs seek to create a strong voice for beauty and its power to influence - aesthetics for ethics, if you like.

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