The Keep Collective

Our darling design collective The Keep is a product of the dreams of two architects who design spaces, putting their heads together and adding new stories to the stories hidden inside spaces. Founded by two architects; Bilge Kalfa creates and transforms spaces on the Istanbul-Berlin line. Senem Akçay, in addition to design studies, traces vanished places and preserves the existing ones.

Inspired by the creations of contemporary designers, The Keep is a female designer collective with a rug collection based upon the traditional framework, yet embodying the idea of ​​creating unique products for spaces. They come to you with stories of the past and future hidden within. 

We are ever so proud of working with The Keep as they are blessed with the knowledge, cultural richness, and experience transferred from father to daughter in an atelier in the Aegean. Producing rugs for 60 years, the atelier is located on one of the quintessential centers of the Anatolian rug and carpet culture. 

We hope you enjoy a one-of-a-kind collection woven at the heart of an ancient textile culture; where innovative design and production techniques are second nature.

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