Enamelware: The Perfect Companion to Camping

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Think of all the things you need to bring with you to camping! Mugs, pans, bowls, plates. You can't take your favorite ceramic mug on the road, or carry your heavy cookware into the woods! And surely you won't use plastic and throw it away on your way back? So what material fits best for your adventures?

Darling, we have just the thing for you!

Three small frying pans in blue, pink and yellow

Enamelware is functional, practical, and affordable for the home, yet it is durable to bring camping. It's lightweight to carry, quick to clean, and works excellent with an induction cooker. 

So it is no surprise that while we enjoy the throwback summer camp experiences from enamelware, this perfect outdoor companion was also trending during the Victorian era. Not that they were practicing social distancing, but 19th-century city slickers saw camping as a way to ditch the daily grind, plunging into the sublime wilderness landscapes.

Three enamel mugs in blue, pink and yellow

Inventions like enamelware and the utilization of other outdoor gear, camping was also trending in America at the turn of the century, so much so that it inspired America's first National Parks. 

At one point, having won suffrage, women turned to the outdoors. Not because sleeping under the stars was a pastime, but because it was a means to express their new freedom and shatter the systemic lockdown imposed on them for so long. 

Three casserole pans in blue, pink and yellow

Today, heading outdoors is again as popular as it was a century ago. Camping in 2020 is viewed as the safest form of travel for good reason, and from glamping to #vanlife you don't have to rough it anymore. 

We can all agree that food tastes better outdoors. The delight of cooking on a campfire is unparalleled, and in 2020, it goes without saying that giving back to nature is best achieved by reducing our carbon footprint by dissing plastic and single-use products. Let's leave no trace and enjoy the most sustainable camping gear: Enamelware. 


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