The Unsurmountable Benefits of Enamelware

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Being the most sustainable camping gear is not the only benefit of enamelware.

Without further ado, I lay it down for you:

First of all, enamel does not hinder the recyclable nature of the material it covers, so it is itself recyclable

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Furthermore, it is a great energy saver. The enameled surface's energy transfer is even and fast, so the cooking time is short without any loss of flavor. Its performance is better than traditional casserole dishes and is perfect for simmering, braising, and stewing. And enamel camping mugs serve piping hot coffee longer than any ceramic.

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Enamelware is not only durable because of the innate strength of its raw materials or one-of-a-kind production techniques, but it is also timeless regarding its quality. Its colors do not fade as it is resistant to UV light

With its smooth surface, enamelware is easy to clean and non-stick and naturally anti-bacterial, so maintenance time is replaced with enjoying life. We all surely appreciate that value since the lockdown. 

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Enamelware travels with ease from cooktop or oven to table to dishwasher, but it's also great for food storage. Enamel food storage containers are ideal for storing your leftovers in the fridge or the freezer. It is resistant to food acids and prevents your food from leeching any unwanted flavors from the steel as well as being non-allergenic, so you can keep your food fresh longer and live healthier.

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Last but not least, enamelware is a naturally multi-functional product. You can cook, store, reheat, and serve with the same piece. This 'less is more' approach is invaluable to the small spaces we inhabit in cities. As for the serveware, they are stackable, which makes it easy to store and transport. This natural economy of enamelware allows us to save space in our kitchens and easily throw in a bag for a picnic.


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