Caroling Tea Towel
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"Here we come a-caroling!" The Holiday music is on, the fireplace is crackling, the breeze is cool. The tree is lit and the scent of cinnamon is floating through the air. Christmas time is finally here.

Decorating for the holidays can create some of the coziest spaces, a place we dream of returning to throughout the day. A place where your friends and family hope to visit, an atmosphere for laughs, smiles, and joy.

As we illuminate our homes this year, remember to decorate with intention. This Tea Towel by Your Green Kitchen is 100% cotton and created by an eco-friendly kitchen supply store that dreams of helping create low-waste and plastic-free kitchens. Adorned with a cozy winter scene, this Holiday Tea Towel will help bring the feel of Christmas to your home.

The goal with all of our products is to spread awareness when it comes to materials used and the time is taken to create the product. The intention should spread to all areas of your home, including small things like linens and towels.

We are excited to bring Your Green Kitchen products to our shop to help spread awareness of low-waste, plastic-free, and slow living.

- 100% Organic cotton
- Dimensions: 27"x16"
- Hangtag at back

Machine wash and dry

Your Green Kitchen is a zero-waste kitchen linens and supplies brand.