Rose Bath Salt XL
Rose Bath Salt XL
Rose Bath Salt XL
Rose Bath Salt XL
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Today you deserve to stop time, to slow down, and relax. Draw a bath, light some candles, grab a good book or put on some music - this moment is for you and only you. Time to unwind your mind and relax your body.

This luxurious bath salt bottle from Birambi is a perfect self-care reminder for you or a loved one. Uncork and pour into a warm bath, swirl and enjoy. Let the water warm your body and relax your muscles as the salt soothes your skin and the subtle rose fragrance fills the air.

Birambi is dedicated to bringing back the connection with their modern take on the classic message in a bottle. Their minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing bottle design allows the perfect amount of product to treat yourself or gift to a loved one. Bring back the screen-free connection with this message in a bottle that allows you to treat yourself to an at-home spa day. A message that will be well-received!

Glass tube length: 8" excluding cork.
Made in the Netherlands

Enjoy your bath.
No bath? Also ideal for a foot bath!

Birambi stands for everything that is minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. They use different types of test tubes for their product packaging and go back to the basics: a simple message in a bottle in a new look.

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