Perfect gift for the new moms and dads :)

From the comedian behind the popular parenting blog The Ugly Volvo comes a refreshing spin on the baby milestone book.

Instead of a place to lovingly capture the first time baby sleeps through the night, this book shows what it's like the first time baby rolls off the bed/sofa/changing table, leaving mom or dad in a state of pure terror (it happens).

These 100 rarely documented but all-too-realistic milestones—such as "First Time Baby Says a Word You Didn't Want Her to Say"—provide comfort, solidarity, and comic relief for new parents.

Laugh-out-loud relatable text and distinctive paper-cut illustrations of these "bad" parenting moments make this a must-have book for anyone entering the mysterious club of parenthood.

    Product Features

    • Format: Hardcover
    • Pages: 144
    • Publication Date: 09/20/2016
    • ISBN: 9781452153476


    • Take care of a favorite book by treating it carefully and storing it responsibly.
    • Don't touch your book with dirty hands or read it while eating or drinking.
    • Store your book in a cool and dry atmosphere, away from heat sources.
    • Dust your book regularly.

    She Designed This

    Raquel D'Apice is a humor writer and founder of the popular blog The Ugly Volvo. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and son.

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