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A floor isn’t just for standing. We tend to overlook what’s below our feet, but what is beneath has a significant impact on our health, safety, mood, and visual pleasure. Our design decisions like color or pattern and material choices define the spaces we inhabit, and we need our spaces to be defined - that’s how our energies flow in meaningful directions since way back when we first found caves for safety.

Handwoven Flatweave Wool Large Area Rug by Begum Cana Ozgur at Darling Spring
While different types of flooring have always offered us a variety of usages such as easy maintenance of tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, the freshness of natural stones in summer, or the cozy feeling of hardwood floors in winter, we’d put cool rugs on them any time for a myriad of reasons. So while some might think the main reason we’d have a rug is just for looks, floor rugs have their own range of uses and benefits. So much so that they have become staples of many civilizations and their cultures. 

A time capsule into the history of civilization

Flourished in the Middle East, a crossroads of civilization, carpet weaving dates back to the earliest tribal cultures in the region. Persian and Turkish rugs are the oldest and most valued with different colors, texture, motifs, and weaving techniques unique to the respective regions. While carpet weaving began as purely functional in scope, as most things do, the element of artistic expression in their designs transformed them to be more luxurious and reflective of said cultures.

Rugs then became the canvases of stories passed down from generations. Their designs, colors, materials, and techniques told and still tell different stories unique to the people as well as their geography.

Handwoven Flatweave Wool Rug by Begum Cana Ozgur at Darling Spring
Having a rich history, the materials of woven rugs determine their durability and feel. Without a doubt, natural fibers are the finest quality materials as they last longer and release no harmful gasses. Wool, silk, or cotton; they all have different feels, benefits, and value. But synthetic fibers are always a no go for your home even if you have allergies, which we’ll talk about in a minute. Home should be as natural as it gets. That’s a rule of thumb for a sustainable life.

Choosing a material according to your needs

While handmade Persian silk carpets exude a lavish sheen and are expensive for that matter, they are very delicate and not as durable as Anatolian kilims or Turkish wool rugs. 

Wool is the most durable and extremely versatile fiber in addition to its endless amount of color options. It is historically the best natural fiber for rugs. Wool floor rugs are a natural source for heat retention and insulation. They are stain, dust, and flame resistant and retain humidity. They are densely woven and repel liquids, so they are easy to clean up. What more do we want, really? 

Handwoven Flatweave Wool Rug by Begum Cana Ozgur at Darling Spring
So, it is always a good idea to choose wool instead of silk if looks aren’t only what you’re going for, or durability is what you need. You can choose wool as a go-to material whether you intend to use it as a large area rug for your living room or for a small area rug for your dining room, so we’d recommend flatweave wool rugs without a doubt. Not just because of their versatile modern look but also to avoid piling or shedding, and because they are light and virtually at no height, they are great for layering. 

Regardless of the material you choose, a rug is always an investment as a statement piece in addition to its amazing benefits. So, although there are machine-made rugs that would be pocket friendly, their durability can never match a handwoven rug, let alone the design quality aspect. 
With all the stories carpet weaving embodies as well as the quality of materials and uniqueness of the handmade product, handwoven rugs are by far the superior choice that last for generations.


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