Lavender Bath Salt
Lavender Bath Salt
Lavender Bath Salt
Lavender Bath Salt
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Imagine floating in a warm, relaxing bath surrounded by candles and soothing music, perhaps sipping on a glass of your favorite wine. Uncork this luxurious bath salt and instantly smell the calming fragrance of lavender. Pour the salt in, let it dissolve and hop in. You deserve this moment.

The Birambi Lavender Bath Salt is an ideal self-care gift for yourself or a friend. The bath salt soothes your skin and relaxes your muscles while the natural lavender scent relaxes your mind and body. Each bottle is thoughtfully created to create the perfect at-home spa day experience.

Birambi creates products that are minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. They are on a mission to help us disconnect from screens and reconnect with our loved ones and even ourselves. They craft modern messages in a bottle, and this message reads loud and clear - it's time to relax!

Glass tube length: 4" excluding cork.
Made in the Netherlands

Enjoy your bath.
No bath? Also ideal for a foot bath!

Birambi stands for everything that is minimalistic and aesthetically pleasing. They use different types of test tubes for their product packaging and go back to the basics: a simple message in a bottle in a new look.

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